Discover Paris by bike with Vélib’
Thursday 24 July

Discover Paris by bike with Vélib’

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The bike sharing system of Paris, also known as Vélib’, is all over the city, and is best way to discover the Paris of Parisian. The number of peddling Parisians has almost doubled in the last 6 months. Launched on July 14, 2007 with 10,000 bikes and 750 stations, the velib business has grown a great deal, having 20,000 bikes and 1,400 stations by 2008.

So this is how it works :

Step 1 : Subscribe 

  • Option 1 : Buy an online ticket on velib web site for 1 day or 7 days.
  • After you’ve signed up online, you will be sent your confirmation code via email.
  • Option 2 : By a ticket  directly on a Vélib’ station
  • Go to the screen at the Vélib’ station
  • Press 1 to buy a ticke
  • Create your personnal 4-digit Vélib’ PIN
  • Proceed to payment and pre-authorized guarantee deposit (150€) with Vis, Mastercard, American Express or JCB cards.
  • Keep your ticket with your subscription number


Step 2 : Choose your Vélib’

  • Look for a Vélib’ attached to a bike stand showing a green light
  • Check tires and brakes, adjust the saddle height
  • Look at the number written on the bike stand you have selected : you will need it later




Step 3 : Borrow a Vélib’

  • Go back to the screen and press 2
  • Enter your subcription number and your 4-digit PIN
  • Type in the number of the bike stand you have chosen
  • Press the button on the bike stand to release the Vélib’

The first 30 minutes of each trip are free of charge. Beyond the first 30 minutes, you have to pay for the service : 1€ for the first additional 30 min., 2€ for the second additional 30 min, 4€ per half hour after the third additional 30 min.


 Step 4 : Return a Vélib’

  • Insert the Vélib’ in the locking mechanism of any free bike stand in the city
  • Wait for the double beep and the green light before you leave to make sure the bike is properly locked in


 Download this guide to print at home


Visit Paris with Vélib’.


You can shop online the “Paris by bike with Vélib'” book with 7 cycle paths accross Paris, 200 places to visit and 300 good adresses.


From Bohemian Paris to mainstream Paris, or Left Bank Paris to modern paris, follow these seven routes entirely on bike paths : pedal, explore, and wander around the places we’ve specially selected. What are you waiting for? (re)discover the capital at you leisure.



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